Spectacle frames

The problem with frames is where to start - there is a massive array of frames available these days, and apart from the current fashion trends we all have quite different ideas of what we like, or what we think suits us - never mind if it will work!

Wide range

Celine Dion frame detailWe have a very comprehensive range of frames covering lower price affordable ranges right through to top designer ranges - Armani, Boss, Dior etc. We try to spread the range across most styles and trends as well as budgets, and there are always two things we require of any of our frames. Firstly they must be of good quality: even our least expensive frames are good quality and that is for two reasons - you don’t want it dropping to pieces, and we don’t want it back in pieces either! Secondly they have to be good value for money. We maintain a watch on prices in other places, and make sure that our prices are competetive on a "like for like" basis.

We can help you choose!

Paco Rabanne frameYes - that’s all well and good but how do I know what to choose? We are happy to guide you through the process of frame selection - this can be very dependent on what your prescription is, or the type of lenses you need, and we will try and help you pick the most suitable combination of factors so that your finished spectacles will look good, give you good vision, be comfortable, and within your budget! Sometimes that’s a tall order but we will always do our best and you will always remain in charge - if you’re not happy then we are not happy either.

Time for a change?

You are always welcome to call and look at our range of frames - we update things regularly, and remember you can have new spectacles at any time - you don’t have to break them first, or have another eye test if your last one was fairly recent. If we don’t have what you want we can often obtain other ranges - though we have a policy not to deal with firms who, in our opinion, operate restrictive trading practices.

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Spectacle lenses

There are so many options available with spectacle lenses that we can only scratch the surface here. We are more than happy to consider your individual details and give our opinion as to the best way to make your spectacles - as well as practical consideration there are also cost considerations, and we will do our best to get you the best solution for your optical needs within your budget constraints. We are happy to advise you about thinner lighter lenses, antireflection coatings, and many other improvements to standard lenses which are available and the relevant costs, before you decide what you would like.

Lens types

  • Single vision lenses - lenses with the same power all over (ie television glasses or reading glasses)
  • Bifocal lenses - lenses with separate "parts" to give two powers (ie distance at the top, and reading at the bottom)
  • Varifocal lenses - similar to a bifocal, but with a continous increase in power as you look lower down the lens ( gives good intermediate vision as well as distance and reading, and has no "lines" so lenses look better)
  • Photochromic lenses - lenses which change the tint - light indoors, and dark in the sunshine ( ie "Transitions")

Thinner lenses

The difference between thin and normal lensesThe thickness of most lenses can be reduced considerably by changing the material it is made from. By increasing the refractive index (bending power) of the material the lens can be made thinner and yet still have the same power.

By making the lens thinner it will also be lighter - so it not only looks a lot better, but it is more comfortable to wear as it weighs less!

Advancements in technology mean that you can now have single vision lenses which are thinner, lighter, scratch resistant and anti-reflection coated at an affordable price. Call in for more details.

Anti-reflection lenses

If the lens is coated with an anti-reflection layer it will reduce the glare caused by reflections at the lens surface. This means the lens will be better to look at, but will also be better to look through (less glare and improved light transmission).

Normal view

The view without anti-reflective lensesWith a normal lens about 4% of light is reflected from both the front and back surfaces so only 92% goes through. This makes the lenses look less good than they can, but also the scattered light reduces your vision causing glare.

Anti-reflective view

The anti-reflective viewBy putting a multilayer coating on the lenses which is both scrath resistant and anti-reflective, the glare is reduced and the light transmssion is increased.

This enhances the vision and appearance at the same time. This coating can be used on virtually all lenses and, whilst it helps any lens work better, it is especially recommended for drivers and computer users.

Contact lenses

Why not enjoy the freedom of contact lenses? The days of sore red eyes and suffering irritating lenses are long since gone, and with todays modern lens materials almost everyone can have clear vision in comfort. We supply all types of contact lens so if you want:

  • occasional daily wear
  • full time wear
  • correction for astigmatism
  • multifocal lenses
  • or just a change in eye colour

we can usually supply your needs.


Some people are a little wary of contact lenses, so we offer a free trial and if you do not proceed with lenses then you don’t owe us anything! That doesn’t happen often as most people are very suprised at how comfortable it can be to wear lenses and see without restriction.

Lens suppliers

We use lenses from all the major names you will see advertised - there are some very good lenses available - but as we are independent we also have access to smaller manufacturers who can often supply first class lenses for those people who have different needs.

Putting in a contact lens

Payment Schemes

We have payment schemes which include unlimited aftercare, lenses, and solutions where necessary, and are very good overall value. Or you can choose to "pay as you go" which can sometimes be best for "occasional" users. There are many different requirements from many different people, and once we know your individual needs we will be happy to give you a price and answer any questions you might have.


Fashion sunglasses Fashion sunglasses Guy in sunglasses Why do we wear sunglasses? Apart from the look, they can protect your eyes from harmful ultra violet (UV) light.

We all know what harm that can do to your skin, well it's also harmful to your eyes. It can bring on cataract formation and is associated with macular degeneration.

Be wise, look after your eyes.

Wearing good quality sunglasses with UV400 protection will protect your eyesight and make your life in the sun more comfortable.

You are not restricted to off-the-shelf sunglasses either. Bramwells Opticians can make them to your prescription so you can protect your eyes and see clearly at the same time!


Transitions lenses change their tint depending on light conditions: clear when it's dark, dark when it's bright.

They are a comfortable lens to wear all the time because they change automatically.

Transitions also protect against harmful UV light even when they are clear.Girl in sunglasses